Orange County students could receive in-school suspension for refusing to wear mask

Starting Monday, all Orange County students will be required to wear a mask in school for 60 days, unless they have a doctor’s note.  Parents received an email from the district outlining the policy change.  

Robert Dexter says his son has a health condition. 

"Scrambling to get a hold of a doctor to get a note, so he doesn’t have to wear a mask. We have a son who has epilepsy and that’s going to be an issue wearing a mask." 

Fifteen-year-old Rob Dexter says, "It upset me that they’re about to bring  back masks and didn’t like hearing that."

"I think it’s a really good thing. I say that because we’re in a health crisis right now we’re not in a political crisis," says music teacher Kevin Strang.

Strange supports the Orange County School Board for bringing the mask mandate back. And if students refuse?

"I’ll ask them to put one on. I have a stack of them. I can give them one. If they’re still a problem, then I guess it becomes a behavioral problem for the Dean’s office."

Not wearing a mask is considered a dress code violation. For the first offense,  there’s a verbal warning. The second time, a student can't participate in any extracurricular activity for five days.  After three times,  a student can get an in-school suspension for up to three days.

"It's incredible that they’re able to do that considering there was an executive order saying you can’t make kids wear masks," Robert says.

Congressional candidate Willie Montague says he is working with a group called Moms for Liberty to sue the board and conduct an Orange County Black Out, 

"We’re asking parents to take that stand and not send them to school to show the school board that it is the choice of the parents." 

The Black Out takes place on Monday. Students protesting the mandate are being asked to wear their masks in school on Tuesday.

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