Orange County completes manual recount

One elections supervisor told FOX 35 this election is over and people can finally move on with their lives. But it was quite the process to get here and technically the recount isn’t finished yet. 

A round of applause as the many rounds of recounts end in Orange County. 

“I've never done anything like this before.”

The Orange County Board of Elections and volunteers from the Democratic and Republican parties worked until almost 8 p.m. Friday to finish the hand recount for the Senate and Agriculture Commissioner races. There were 3,000 ballots to review in the Senate race and 15,000 to review in the Agriculture Commissioner race. Some folks stopped by just to watch the process. 

“I think things could have moved along a little sooner. I'm sorry it was lagging. I would have liked to see Orange County a bit more efficient in finishing up,” said Irene Doyle Sandler, of Orlando.

Seminole County’s hand recount wrapped up by 2:30 p.m. Friday.

“Of course there's a couple hiccups down south but generally Central Florida, everything's running really well,” said Seminole County Elections Supervisor Mike Ertel. 

Some elections-related lawsuits are still pending.

“In every single election, at least half of the candidates lose. They don't always want to blame themselves and they have friends who are lawyers,” said Ertel.

But for elections offices already winding down, elections supervisors say the suits aren’t holding much power at this point.

“We're required to follow certain state deadlines and that's the law so we follow the law.” 

Hand recounts must be completed by noon Sunday. People with mismatched signatures have until 5 p.m. Saturday to show their signature and make sure their vote counts. They can do that by email.