Go inside: What it's like to train, fight fires with Orange County Fire Rescue

Firefighters are tough – and they have a tough job. They have to assess quickly changing scenarios and not only keep themselves safe but work fast to save others.

And to sharpen their skills, firefighters have to sometimes go through "recurrency training," which is a series of drills that typically happen twice a year, said Lt. Patrick Husic.  It’s a way to keep Orange County Fire Rescue brushed up on the basics and learn new techniques.

"Like being a Major League Baseball player. You have to continually practice all the time, and you have to do it until it's flawless," said Lt. Husic.

The training consists of breaking down locked doors, handling the water hose, and putting out a large bedroom fire at a makeshift house.

"It does get nerve-wracking when you can't see your hands in front of your face," he said. The training facility is hot, the conditions are grueling, and for firefighters, it is their everyday life.

The training facility is hot, the conditions are grueling and for firefighters, it is their everyday.

"It felt like a calling. To do something more for people than just serving myself," said firefighter Matthew Hammack.

He said the goal is to put fires out faster and save more lives than the year before.

"I get to work out here and work with motivated passionate people and on top of that I get to give back to my community in the best way that I can," he said.