Opening of new Ivanhoe WB I-4 exit ramp delayed

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) closed a new ramp, just hours after it opened, due to safety concerns.

The new westbound Interstate 4 exit ramp to Ivanhoe Blvd. comes up a half-mile sooner than the old exit, so you have to make a split-second decision on whether you want to get off or not.

"It was something that took a lot of people by surprise," explained FDOT spokesperson Steve Olson.

FDOT says the ramp is too narrow. Olson said that, while no specific accidents have been caused by this change, the ramp opening will be delayed. 

"We’re gonna see if we can more those barriers out. And also the entry, make it a little more evident that this is where you go in."

FDOT admits, they suddenly shut down the old loop ramp without notifying anyone

"Sometimes, you don’t know, until you know [that there's a problem]. You know it when you come out, observe and see what’s going on."

FDOT hopes to open the ramp sometime next week.