OPD officer's 4-year-old son recovering from brain surgery

The son of an Orlando police officer who is fighting a brave battle against a brain tumor made it through surgery. Jacob Vincent, 4, is recovering in the Intensive Care Unit at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.  After weeks of tests to figure out what was causing vomiting, seizures and extreme pain, doctors zeroed in on a tumor.

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Thursday, surgeons cut a nearly foot-long gash through Jacob’s skull to remove the golf ball sized mass piece by piece. According to his mother, Tara, the surgery went very well.  “Right now for him it’s going to be a day-by-day thing and how quickly he recovers will depend on him,” she added.

The worst may be over, but now doctors are trying to figure what caused the mass in the first place. Tara said she’s prepared to help her son battle through anything that comes next. “It’s heartbreaking, it is,” Vincent told FOX 35, “but we knew what had to be done. We’re trying everything to get him better and get this figured out to find out what exactly it is so we can move on.”

The Vincents are waiting for test results to learn what kind of tumor they’re dealing with, and whether it was cancerous. Pathologists should have those results by next week.