'OnlyFans' mom getting tens of thousands messages of support

Victoria Triece says last week most people didn’t know what she does for a living. 

Today, she’s getting worldwide coverage after coming forward, saying she’s no longer allowed to volunteer at her kids’ school because she’s an adult entertainer on the website "OnlyFans." 

"I haven’t been on the Internet much because it’s been a little overwhelming," Triece said. 

She says tens of thousands of people have reached out.  

"I’ve gotten messages on my OnlyFans and in my DMs that are from teachers or just faculty of schools that are like, ‘We fully support you and what they’re doing to you is wrong,’" she said. 

Triece says an anonymous parent sent some of her photos to the Orange County School District. 

She says soon after she was told she could no longer volunteer at Sand Lake Elementary School. 

"It makes me feel like I’m kind of missing a piece of myself," she said. 

Her attorneys sent a letter to the district last week saying they intend to sue for $1 million. They say they haven’t gotten a response. 

"It does seem to be extremely misogynistic, extremely one-sided, extremely bigoted and biased and that’s going to be part of the claims that were bringing," said Mark NeJame, whose law firm is representing Triece. 

Triece says she doesn’t think her legal job should be held against her. 

"The best-case scenario is just something being written out that no matter what somebody does for their personal life or a job, you cannot be told that you can’t be around your child at the school," she said. 

Orange County Public School officials say they can’t comment on pending litigation.

Triece’s attorneys say, typically, you have to give six months' notice to a government entity before filing a lawsuit, but they’re looking at ways to get around that and hope to have an announcement next week.

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