One month since Hurricane Ian: Flooding still an issue in Lake Monroe

Thursday marks one month since Hurricane Ian hit Central Florida, pounding the area with rain and wind.

Flooding from the storm still lingers – including along the shores of Lake Monroe in Sanford. The water has gone down a bit, but there's still businesses and homes being impacted.

At Lake Monroe Hospital, the parking lot is still washed out as neighborhoods in other areas are left with piles of debris. Parts of Sanford along the shores of Lake Monroe saw massive flooding after the storm. Areas of the RiverWalk and downtown are back open now but still dealing with flooding and standing water.

Over in Orlovista in Orange County, belongings and trash are filling up some yards and front lawns. One woman told FOX 35 that crews have come to clean a lot up, but now she says they haven’t been there since last week – and that she hasnt been able to stay at her house since the storm hit.

Residents in Sanford say they are hoping the water is totally gone before the holidays.