Ocala police say man attempted to abduct girl

Ocala Police are paying close attention to an after-school pick-up location after a middle schooler says she was nearly abducted.

Ocala Police say, on Monday afternoon, at about 2:15 p.m., a middle school girl tells them she was waiting on Southeast Sanchez Avenue for her mother to pick her up, when a man in a four-door, silver car with a license holder with a pink border asked her if she "was bored." 

According to the incident report, she told the man "no."   She says then the man asked her if she needed a ride, and again she said "no."  The girl tells police after she told him he could leave, he ordered her to get in the car. 

According to the report, the girl then got up and started to walk away when she says a guy in a blue car talking on his cell phone then pulled up and blocked her way.  At this point, she says the man in the silver car was also on his cell phone.  She started to run to nearby Osceola Middle School, at which time she said the man from the silver car got out and started to chase her.

Sgt. Cynthia Barnes, the spokesperson for the Ocala PD says, the girl did everything right.

"She knew on the street over there was a safe haven, a school," says Sgt. Barnes. 

The teen-aged girl described the man as white with blond hair, a short beard, and a large tattoo on his left forearm.    According to the incident report, the 13-year-old girl also told police he was wearing square-rimmed reading glasses.

Police welcome any information and they warn parents to stay especially vigilant.