Ocala police officer credited with saving choking baby

FOX 35 News obtained a body camera video clip that shows the difference between life and death, measured in seconds.

An emergency unfolded Saturday night right in the middle of a Golden Corral Restaurant. Police responded to the call, with one officer jumping into action, grabbing a choking baby and patting his back until he began to cry.

The couple believes their newborn, Killian, was choking on breast milk. The baby was purple in the face and not really conscious, but his little body was in distress even before that. You see, Killian came early.
At just 36 weeks, he was born prematurely and has been a fighter ever since. For this couple, Killian is their miracle baby.

"We did fertility treatments, and it was about a year we were doing those treatments, and we worked so hard. I was trying to stay calm," said Alicia Schauf. "I was like, oh my God, we cannot lose him. We've worked so hard to get him."

The quick-moving officer who jumped to help is now considered a hero. The new family is now focusing on moving past what happened, but they are happy that help was there when their child was in danger.

"I just want to thank the officers for responding so quickly," Nathaniel Schauf added.

The parents tell us police got to the restaurant within four minutes of their call. Every minute was precious.

Their baby is still in the hospital but is doing better.