Notorious New York Mob hit man sentenced after escaping from Orlando half-way house

A former New York Mob hit man who was staying at a half-way house in Orlando was sentenced to three more years in prison after he escaped. 

According to the United States Attorney's Office in the Middle District of Florida, Dominic Taddeo, Jr., 65, was sentenced to three years in federal prison for escaping from an Orlando half-way house back in March. 

On February 15, Taddeo was transferred from the Coleman Correctional Institution to a half-way house in Orlando to complete his term of incarceration for federal convictions out of the Western District of New York. 

On March 28, Taddeo was granted a community pass to leave the half-way house for a medical appointment, but he failed to return to the half-way house as required, the DOJ said. 

Taddeo was later arrested on April 4 and was found in possession of over $5,000 in cash and a driver's license of a deceased person.

Taddeo’s projected release date from the half-way house was February 2023.