No apology for Orlando man wrongfully detained by deputies: Sheriff's Office

We have an update to a story FOX 35 News has been investigating since last October. 

An Orlando man was handcuffed and held at gunpoint by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) while he was at work. However, it turned out the deputies had the wrong guy.

They were trying to serve a domestic violence warrant on someone else who worked for that same company. The person they were looking for was 50 pounds heavier and four inches shorter than the man they pointed their pistols at.

The wrongfully detained man said all he wanted was an apology and some extra training for those deputies, but the sheriff’s office says he won’t get it.

OCSO told FOX35 its investigation concluded that "the deputies did not commit any policy violations and acted in good faith."

So, "The deputies involved in this incident were exonerated."

The only person with any adverse outcome was one deputy who didn’t turn on his body camera. He was suspended "for violation of rules and was verbally counseled."