New development in Downtown Melbourne

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A proposed hotel site is gaining momentum for Downtown Melbourne. It’s one of many buildings taking Melbourne to new heights, physically -- and city officials hope economically as well.

An artist rendering shows a proposed Aloft hotel. If the city council approves this later this week, it will be a six-floor building and more than 80 feet tall.

This comes on the heels of other metropolitan projects, including a high-end apartment tower known as The Highline, and a Hilton which is going up at Strawbridge Avenue in Waverly Place.  The city estimates hotel guests will spend $8 million a year annually downtown.

“I’ve had a good eye on the growth around here, I’ve seen all the different changes,” said Jeff Bramel is a lifelong resident of Melbourne.

Bramel has the mixed feelings about the downtown development.

“I think it should rise, but not spread out. And if the city is going to grow, I believe it should grow green. I’d like to see more rain barrels hanging off of things, I’d like to see solar panels all over the place,” Bramel said.

Next year, the apartments will be done. So one project will be ending as the others begin. Bramel says his downtown is growing so fast, he can hardly keep up.

“But we do have to progress, that’s an understanding, and progression is good.” Bramel said.