NASA releases new UFO report as agency starts studying sightings seriously

NASA says it’s shifting sensationalism to science when it comes to UFO research. 

The agency just released a new report on what we know about abnormal sightings above us and a roadmap for future exploration.

Researchers are taking the leap of exploration because people are fascinated by what they can’t pinpoint.

"On my travels, one of the first questions I often get is about these sightings," said Bill Nelson who’s the NASA Administrator. 

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Nelson is talking about UFOs or other unidentifiable objects in the sky. Researchers with NASA are calling them unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP) in their studies, and the sightings will now be taken seriously by NASA. 

"The study aims to enhance situational awareness. The presence of UAP raises serious concerns about the safety of our skies, and it’s this nation’s obligation to determine whether these phenomena pose any potential risk to airspace safety," said Daniel Evans, NASA’s Assistant Deputy Associate Administrator for Research.

NASA just released a new study on what they know about the sightings and how to approach them from a scientific lens. They also named a new director of research and will use artificial intelligence and other tools to track the skies.

Bill Fisk does that every day. He calls himself a UFO enthusiast with the Space Coast UFO group but isn’t sure he trusts the agency’s approach. 

"We’ve had many positive steps forward that amounted to nothing," Fisk said, adding that more people are becoming interested in the sightings and trying to learn more about what’s really out there. 

He says the government hasn’t been transparent for decades on this topic. Fisk hopes more people will get involved in reporting what they see in the sky to bridge the gap and keep the public informed.