Mystery motorcyclist identified after pushing man in wheelchair across Merritt Island street

A mystery motorcycle rider who helped a man in a wheelchair cross the street was identified after a viral video was posted on Facebook.

A motorcycle rider left his bike on the road to help a person in a wheelchair cross the street safely in Merritt Island.

Someone in traffic saw the random act of kindness and took to social media to try and find the hero hiding under the helmet.

On Friday, the couple who took the video and the good Samaritan all met for the first time in a Checkers parking lot.

This 15-second video was shared hundreds of times as people tried to find the person who jumped off his motorcycle, at a stoplight, to help a man in a wheelchair cross the street.

"Just like a little superhero – flies in, does his duty and he’s gone," said Ralph Perronne Jr.

This hero’s name isn’t Spiderman. FOX 35 to meet the hero under the helmet who’s 20-year-old Joshuah Ridenbaugh.

"I just wanted to make sure he got across the road before anything bad happened," said the rider.

His only goal was to help someone else.

"He’s in a wheelchair, a little bit lower," said Ridenbaugh. "I just want to get him across the street safely."

"He didn’t do it, expecting anybody to catch it. That’s the best part. He just did it and then ran back to his bike and was just gone," said Perrone Jr.

Ralph and his wife Yvonne were the ones who took the video and shared it on Facebook.

"I was very, very honored to see this happening in the blink of an eye. I have to catch this because we need more of this," said Yvonne.

The couple quickly found out who the stranger on the street was and met for the first time on Friday at the intersection of Courtenay and Needle in North Brevard County.

"This is an earth angel right here literally," exclaimed Yvonne.

 "This young man’s the real deal," said Perrone Jr. "He’s an awesome kid."

A kid with a kind heart who showed us how important 15 seconds can really be when you’re using them for good.

"Try to do one good thing a day for someone else. That’s the goal," concluded the rider.

Ralph says, he became a detective trying to track down the rider. A lot of people misidentified who he was, but Ralph used the tattoos on his arm to make sure he found the right person before reaching out.