Music school shifts classes online amid coronavirus concerns

The classrooms at Family Music Clermont are empty and quiet. Management at the small music school have moved the lessons online.

Teacher Sandy Lybe was teaching her student, Ethan, piano on the videoconference app, Zoom.

“I have my piano here and he has his piano there,” Lybe said, “so we manage to do it but it's definitely a different process but little by little we're getting used to it.”

Ethan said it did have some benefits.

“Well, it's at home. So I feel better 'cause I'm at home. It's not a 30 minute drive, either.”

The school's manager, Stefan Schreiner, said they have ten teachers and more than 300 students. “As new information came out and out of an abundance of safety for our people we said better safe than sorry and not contribute to any problem.”

Schreiner said it had been an adjustment. “It's a big transition to have them all on a little stream in front of us, but yeah, that's the norm.”

Schreiner said he was looking forward to having his students and teachers back on site. Lybe said she was, too. “I'm sorry to say, yes. I would like to get back to the traditional.”