Murder suspect says he's killed others

Scott Nelson, the man accused of killing a woman last year, had an outburst in court during a hearing before a judge.

"You're honor I can't live under these conditions!" Nelson said, talking about the jail food -- just one of many complaints raised.

Attorneys say Nelson has been busy behind bars, where he has been since his arrest in the death of Jennifer Fulford, 56 ,of Altamonte Springs.   He has written numerous letters to the court, the State of Florida, and members of the media.

In one letter to the judge, Nelson wrote, "I've provided a full confession, gave up unsolved armed bank robberies and promised to divulge eight homicides. I've never been caught for this."

"I personally have not seen letters," said Circuit Judge Keith White. 

Those claims by Nelson were not addressed in court on Friday, but attorneys who have seen the letters said he has alleged misconduct by his lawyers, having been intimidated or berated by them.

"Are you alleging your attorneys are being ineffective of your representation of you or not?" Judge White asked Nelson. 

"No, I don't think so at all. I just think they're coming up with excuses rather than solutions," Nelson replied.  "I have no problems with my defense team. I think we can go from this point forward."

Judge White denied a motion to dismiss consideration for the death penalty.