Mother takes son out of school due to extreme bullying

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A mother is getting support from around the world after sharing a very personal message about her son.

"I am reaching out for help," wrote Melanie Mcnally, from Kensignton, Canada. "I officially pulled my son out of the pei [Prince Edward Island] school system as of last week when police showed up at my door Thursday night to inform me of an incident that we believe very well could have resulted in the death of my child or seriously injured at the very least."

Mcnally posted graphic photos on Facebook along with the message about the severe bullying her son Collin faces at school.

She says she removed Collin from his school after police showed up at her house, warning that several teenagers had arrived at a rink to watch her son get beat up.

Mcnally added, "as many of you know my child has been a victim of extreme abuse and bullying mentally, emotionally and physically for many years in Kensington now. These are just a few photos. I have tried to get help from the schoolboard, the minister of education and the English schoolboard lawyer. Nobody will speak to me or my family to help."

Her Facebook post has been shared more than 57,000 times, and has received encouraging words from people around the world.

See Mcnally's full message below.