Mom shocked when bullet flies into minivan

Sonia Bolles was driving to pick up her teenage daughter at work in Ormond Beach on Tuesday at around 9:30 p.m.  Her 8-year old was in the backseat. They were at the intersection of Williamson and Granada Boulevards when all of a sudden they heard a loud bang.

Bolles said,"I just heard a very loud noice and impact into the side of the car."

Bolles got out and looked, a bullet shot through the passengers side door and went all the way through the center consul.  Her teenage daughter called 911.

She said, "My mom was driving to pick me up from work and she got shot at. There's a bullet hole right in the van."

Lucky for them, Bolles' 12-year-old son who usually sits in the front seat decided to stay home and play video games.  Police said he likely would have been shot in the leg.

On Wednesday, police found the bullet lodged in the center console. They looked for the casing around the intersection but no luck.

Bolles said, "We have not been able to figure out what happened, there was no horns blown, no words exchanged, I'm just sitting at the light and got shot at. "

Ormond Beach Police are hoping anyone with information will come forward.