Men soliciting car owners to replace windshield

Casselberry police officers say they want to talk to two men going door to door, soliciting car owners to replace their windshields. 

Amanda Hawes says two strangers showed up at her door with clipboards, claiming she needed a new windshield. 

“Basically told me it was along here in the top part that there was water damage,” said Hawes.  “He said, 'Oh there's water damage at the top, it'll start leaking and eventually it'll cave in and crack on you.' I said, 'Oh, okay... I have two children don't want to risk them getting hurt.'”  

Hawes says the men said they work for a glass company then quickly coached her through what she needed to say her insurance company to get her windshield replaced at no charge. 

“They told me to tell my insurance that it's larger than a dollar bill. He said if you say that they'll cover it for free, waive your $500 deductible,” said Hawes.   

She said she went along with what the men said, even though there was no visible damage to her windshield and she’s not having issues with it. 

“It makes me upset. I was trusting to someone,” said Hawes.  

Together, they called her insurance company, got a new windshield, even set up an appointment for a man to come back to replace it Wednesday.  Then, she saw a warning on the "Happenings in Casselberry" Facebook page, posted by Lydia Holley. 

“It was really fishy to me, because they couldn't' tell me who they were. They didn't leave any info about business they work for.  They were really interested in getting my insurance company on the phone which makes me think it's more of an insurance scam,” said Holley. 

She reported the men to Casselberry Police and we inquired if this was a scam. 

“If there's absolutely nothing wrong with the windshield, yes,” said Commander Michael Schaefer. 

He says these men are likely trying to make a quick buck from your insurance company. 

"But the problem is, the victim of the crime is the insurance company, because the driver of the car is out no money.  So is All State going to come to Casselberry and file a report against these people?  Probably not so they're playing on these odds,” said Commander Schaefer.

Casselberry Police are now trying to find these men. They say the guys are soliciting without a permit, which is illegal.  CPD also says they will post a warning about this on social media to get the word out.