Incorrect voter registration cards sent to some Marion County residents due to printing company error

The Marion County Supervisor of Elections said a printing error with the company used to print voter registration cards led to some residents receiving voter cards with an incorrect zip code on them, and that replacement cards would be automatically sent to impacted voters.

Elections supervisor Wesley Wilcox said in a news release that his office was notified on July 2, 2022, by a voter who received a voter registration card with the correct name and address, but an incorrect zip code. The zip code listed was 86503, which is for an area in northeast Arizona. Others had the wrong district number for County Commission on it.

He said the misprinted cards would have no effect on voting. 

According to its investigation, the data that was sent to the printer, who the county has used for most of its bulk mailings since 2012, was correct. The printing company, in its own statement, said it divided the mailings into three batches "due to the volume," and "at some point during the second batch some of the data being printed became distorted."

"We are currently assessing our procedures to try and understand how this happened, and which records were printed uncorrected," the statement from the printing company said. It also confirmed that the information the county sent to the printer – and verified in proofs – was correct.

"While this is a very unfortunate situation, we understand that mistakes happen and are working with the mail house to rectify the situation," Wilcox said.