March for George Floyd planned in downtown Orlando this weekend

A march is planned for this weekend in downtown Orlando for George Floyd following the guilty verdict for former police officer Derek Chauvin.

Dozens of people gathered outside City Hall after the verdict was announced on Tuesday night for a vigil.

It was for George Flloyd and every other black person who has died at the hands of police.  People laid out their pictures and lit candles for them last night. Almost everyone who came out spoke about the hope that Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict gives them. 

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They say it means people are starting to see that their voices can initiate change and that people are starting to understand it doesn’t matter who you are -- if you commit a crime, you can be held accountable. But they also said this is just a start. 

"It makes a statement and it should resonate throughout the whole entire country when it comes down to policing, gotta make a change for the better," said one attendee.

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"The scope of policing has grown so broad. Police get called for everything. We need to shrink that down and we need to give that responsibility to professionals, to counselors, to social workers," Maxwell Frost told FOX 35 News.

There is another march planned for Saturday at City Commons Plaza in Orlando. It starts at 2 p.m.