Man upset over I-4 construction noise arrested

A father got fed up with the noise from the I-4 Ultimate Project, and deputies say it landed him in jail.

John Ariail, 49, spent the night in jail instead of his home, which is located on New Hampshire Street.

According to the arrest report, it was just before midnight when Ariail got into an argument with a construction worker because of the noise. 

Neighbor Diane Thurbon says it was loud and late at night.

"Pound, pound, pound, pound, pound! It was bad," she said. "At times it was a 10 if you want to go from 1 to 10." 

According to deputies, Ariail argued with the worker, following him to his truck.

There, they say he reached into an open window and grabbed the worker's hard hat off his head, in an attempt to take a picture of him.

The worker was not injured, but he did call deputies.

Ariail was charged with burglary and battery.

"I'm shocked that he was arrested. I think it could have been handled in a much different way. I understand. My frustration has been at a high level too," Thurbon said. "It's discouraging knowing there's no end in sight with the noise anytime soon."

Thurbon says Ariail has a wife and two young children, who were probably trying to sleep when the noise occurred. 

The worker told deputies that he never gave the man permission to touch him, or enter his truck.

The Florida Department of Transportation released this statement saying: "We will discuss this with the contractor to gain a better understanding as to what led to the situation. We would further advise that if there are issues, the public should contact the proper authorities to respond, rather than taking matters into one's own hands."