Man posts sign warning drivers: "You Killed My Cat. Stop Speeding!"

An Orlando man is fed up with people speeding through his neighborhood and has posted a warning sign after someone ran over the neighborhood cat.

"It says, 'You Killed My Cat. Stop Speeding/Texting," explained Joe O’Neal.

He said he posted a sign in Hunters Estate after he saw a man in a white Ford hit and kill the feral cat.

There are around a half-a-dozen felines that he feeds outside his home.

"They like to follow me and the dogs walking down the sidewalk. Then the guy hit the cat. Didn’t slow down or nothing.
He veered off to the side like a coward and sped off, almost hitting one of my dogs. I had to pull it away."

He said drivers use Lincoln Avenue as a cut-through from Conroy to Dr. Phillips Blvd. He got emotional as he talked about his furry friend being killed.

"Kind of broke my heart 'cause I don’t have kids."

"The sign is very true. He has every right to put it up because it’s so dangerous in this neighborhood," said neighbor Birgitt Van Wormer.

She said she was almost hit by a speeder.

"The car seriously swerved to the other side of the road and came driving toward me.  I was so upset that I called the police."

O’Neal placed cones in the road to slow traffic down, but wants Orange County to do something.

"They never gave us consideration for speed bumps. And we just got our tax bill for $7,000 this week."

An Orange County spokesperson says the Public Works Department will be looking into this. Meanwhile, O’Neal has a message for the driver that killed this white cat.

"If you would have just said sorry. It would have meant a lot to me."

As for his sign, O’Neal plans to take it down eventually.

"I don’t want to look like the weird people on the block so not too long."