Man finds bottle full of messages while walking along Florida Beach

Credit: Ted Horton

A man who was walking his dog on Flagler Beach came across a bottle. Not just any bottle, but one that had messages anchored inside. 

Ted Horton's curiosity led him to take the bottle home where he said he spent an hour attempting to get the messages out. 

"The bottle didn’t look like it had been in the water very long as no buildup of any kind was on the outside," Horton said on Facebook. 

After retrieving the messages, Horton read messages from a father, mother, and two sisters that wrote to a son and brother who had passed away. There was no date or evidence as to when the bottle was thrown into the water, but the messages were written on Ritz-Carlton notepad pages. 

Horton wrote his own note about where he found it then dated it and returned all the messages back into the bottle. 

He said his intention was to return it to the ocean the same day, but he decided to give it to a friend that's heading offshore to release it on his next trip out.

"I just thought If the family that wrote these messages happened to be from the Flagler/Beverly Beach area that they might see this and know that their bottle is going to continue its journey soon," said Horton.