Man facing murder charges after Orange Co. shooting

Jace Gipson made his first appearance in an Orange County court, charged with 2nd Degree Murder for the shooting death of Bernard Keith Hildreth, Jr. 

The judge said the 26-year-old alleged killer will stay in jail for now.

“Sir, you're charged with second-degree murder. The warrant's been issued in this case with a no bond status,” said the judge, who also barred him from contacting people involved with the case besides his lawyer. 

“No phone calls, emails, text messages, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook. Know what I mean by that? I mean absolutely no contact.”

Deputies say on February 18, Gipson shot Hildreth in the chest. 

Deputies found the 31-year-old victim in his car on Orange Blossom Trail and Landstreet Road. 

They took Hildreth to Orlando Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. 

When deputies arrested Gipson they tweeted his photo, stating: “Another violent criminal off our streets.” 

No one could be happier about it than Hildreth's family. 

“We just went screaming and hollering, 'Thank you, Jesus, thank you, Jesus.' Now, our next concern is convict him,” said his mother, Belinda Worthen.

They said life will never be the same for them without Hildreth, who everyone knew as "BJ." 

“He trusted everybody. He loved everybody. He loved his family. He was funny,” Hildreth's mother said.

“He'd always come over. He loved the nieces and nephews. He'd just pop up at my house. He brought me roses,” said Hildreth's sister, Precious Worthen.

They say they'll be there when Gipson shows up in court. 

“I will be at the trial,” Precious Worthen said. “I'll be doing everything we can think of to make sure he gets the consequences he deserves for his actions.”