Man facing charges after allegedly threatening teen, kicking his vehicle in road-rage situation

A Florida driver who thought a teenager was following his vehicle too closely is facing charges after he allegedly threatened the teenager and kicked his vehicle, according to the charging affidavit.

According to the report, the teenager was driving behind Richard Oloughlin's vehicle on Palm Coast Parkway in Palm Coast, Florida, on May 11 and Oloughlin thought the 17-year-old was driving too close to him. 

Oloughlin allegedly stopped in the middle of the roadway and got out of his vehicle and began to yell at the teenager who was still in his vehicle, and then began to record the interaction on his cell phone.

According to the report, Oloughlin began to push on the window of the teen's car "in an attempt to break the window," slapped the phone out of the teen's hand, broke the passenger side mirror, and kicked the passenger door several times.

The video recorded by the teen apparently showed Oloughlin walking aggressively towards the teenager, yelling, and cursing at him, according to the report.

When reached by deputies at his home, Oloughlin said he and the teen were yelling at each other and alleged the teen threatened his family. He denied damaging the teen's vehicle, according to the report.

Oloughlin told a FOX 35 reporter Thursday afternoon that he did not like the teen's driving and was attempting to protect his family and kids who were in the car with him.

When we first knocked on his door, he said "no comment."

When FOX 35 asked Oloughlin why he stopped the car, he said "because he was trying to run us off the road with a child in the car."

"You had a kid in the car with you?"


"How old?"

"That's all. That's the reason," said Oloughlin. His final words were that he was "protecting my family."

He was booked into jail on one count of criminal mischief and child abuse. He was released on bond.