Man accused of placing grenade in roadway, then calling 911 to report

A Daytona Beach man is accused of planting an inert grenade in a roadway before calling 911 to report the incident.

Matthew E. Rudquist, 49, is charged with making a false report of a bomb.

Officers on Wednesday arrived in the area of Vermont Ave. and S. Grandview Ave. where they discovered a small object in the middle of the intersection, appearing to be a grenade.  A protective perimeter was set up while the device was investigated by the Volusia County Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad, which determined it was inert and there was no threat.

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Officers located Rudquist who was nearby and observing the police activity. He was dressed in military apparel and was wearing a ballistic helmet and vest, officers said. 

According to an arrest report, Rudquist  "advised that the grenade was fake and he placed it there to draw attention to national intelligence."  Officers said Rudquist also told them he had "consumed more than five Bud Light beers prior to this incident."

Officers said Rudquist told them he is a military veteran with former military intelligence experience but that he had no other grenades or weapons in his possession.  Officers said Rudquist gave them permission to search his home, which "produced nothing of merit."

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