Georgia man accused of beating girlfriend, killing bystander who intervened in downtown Orlando

Mugshot of Jordan Talley | Credit: Orange County Sheriffs Office

A Georgia man was arrested after he allegedly beat his girlfriend and fatally punched a man who tried to intervene in downtown Orlando, deputies said. 

Jordan Talley, 27, was arrested for manslaughter and domestic battery following a March 31, 2024, incident that resulted in the death of 64-year-old Donald Storie, arrest records show. 

Around 1:40 a.m., near the intersection of Robinson Street and Magnolia Avenue, Talley was seen on video battering a woman in front of a law office. Talley allegedly pulled the woman by her hair and forcefully threw her to the ground, deputies said. 

Storie was reportedly walking in the same area with his wife, daughter, and her fiance when Storie heard the woman screaming for help. His family told deputies he headed in the direction of the woman and was punched by Talley when he approached the couple. 

Additional surveillance video shows Talley and his girlfriend getting into a car that detectives could trace back to Talley's home in Georgia. 

When interviewed by detectives, Talley admitted to punching Storie, alleging that he was "concerned" for his girlfriend's safety. 

Storie died on April 23 after being taken off of life support.