Malabar council votes against restaurant expansion, stays mum on paper-throwing incident

The Malabar Town Council voted to uphold a veto to stop the expansion of a local restaurant, a topic that got heated at last month's council meeting.

Video from that meeting shows Councilman Dick Korn crumpling up a flyer into a paper ball and then throwing it, hitting Dawn Danielson. 

Danielson is one of hundreds of Malabar residents against a zoning expansion for Yellow Dog Cafe that would encroach on a preserved area. 

She says the flyer was a page from Malabar's Book of Codes and Ordinances, dealing with zoning and property, which she gave to the councilman to emphasize a point.

Now, Danielson wants to see Korn step down. 

At Monday night's meeting, she requested a hearing for his removal. 

“It was not a laughing matter,” she said at the podium. “I was assaulted by a town councilman.”

The meeting attracted dozens more people than usual. 

Although the council voted against the restaurant expansion, they remained mum on the paper-throwing.

Councilman Korn declined to make a comment and did not address the issue at the council meeting.