Hurricane Beryl's impacts could force long-term itinerary changes for major cruise lines

Cruise lines have been forced to re-route and change itineraries amid Hurricane Beryl. 

According to Stewart Chiron, The Cruise Guy, it is typical during hurricane season that cruise lines have to change plans. Usually, we don’t see impacts this early, but Chiron said the companies are ready to change itineraries at the drop of a hat.

"The itineraries are never guaranteed, and that’s the beauty of this," said Chiron. "These "hotels" are floating, which means they can move and they’re in constant contact with The National Hurricane Center getting the latest data."

Five major cruise lines have made changes to their sailing plans, Chiron said. Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norwegian, Disney, and Celebrity Cruises. Changes so far include shifting port dates and diverting ports while substituting other stops. There have been no reported cancelations as of Monday night.

According to Chiron, the impacts of Beryl are not short-term. This major hurricane could have lasting effects on cruise lines and their itineraries depending on how much damage the hurricane does.

"Some of these destinations in the eastern Caribbean or southern Caribbean, they may be recovering from Hurricane Beryl and not in any position to accept passengers, so a lot of this stuff is still in flux," Chiron said.

Chiron said ports are not guaranteed when you book a cruise; the ship is the actual "destination", but if you do have concerns about the weather impacting your trip, contact your cruise line directly.

On Monday, four cruise ships left the port on time as scheduled and they have had no changes related to Hurricane Beryl, according to a representative with Port Canaveral.