Loyd lashes out following closing arguments in trial for murder of Lt. Debra Clayton

The jury in Markeith Loyd's second murder trial called it an evening just after 7 p.m. following roughly three hours of deliberations on Tuesday. 

Both sides presented closing arguments on Tuesday. The jury began deliberating after a recess was called shortly after 4 p.m.

Court will resume at 9 a.m. on Wednesday to resume discussions and the jury will reconvene at 9:30 a.m. to hear a reading of previous testimony.

In closing arguments, prosecutors told the jury that Lt. Clayton was just doing her job on January 9, 2017.  

"What is clear from the evidence, in this case, is that Lt. Debra Clayton took her oath to serve and protect seriously that morning," Prosecutor Ryan Williams told the jury.  

He said she approached a convicted felon who was wanted for murder outside of Walmart after a shopper approached her and let her know that Loyd was about to walk out of the store.  

"Debra Clayton is dead because of anger.  She’s dead because of hatred.  She is dead because a man valued his freedom more than he valued her life," Williams told the jury.  

He reminded them of Loyd’s more than 30,000 Facebook posts, in several of which he made it clear that he did not like, nor did he trust, cops.

The State reminded showed the jury pictures of the bulletproof vest Loyd was wearing in Walmart that day under his black shirt with the word "SECURITY" written in large white letters across it.  

The prosecutor pulled out one of the two guns Loyd is seen in surveillance video using and reminded them that he has had an extended clip loaded with bullets on him.  Williams told the jury that instead of complying with Lt. Clayton’s commands, Loyd fired a bullet taking Lt. Clayton to the ground. She never got back up.  Loyd then charged towards Lt. Clayton and fired at more shots, hitting her three times Williams said, specifying the shot to her neck is the one that killed her.  

"He could have just run through the parking lot. Never had to stop. Instead he circles never he circles….and ultimately stands directly over her and shoots her in one of the few places that does not provide her body protection," Williams told the jury. 

Terence Lenamon, Loyd’s lead defense attorney, painted a different story.  He said Loyd was acting in self-defense and that he believes Lt. Clayton fired her the first shot.  

"He’s hearing gunshots.  This is all happening in a matter of seconds," Lenamon said. He tells the jury that his expert said Loyd was insane at the time of the shooting while also claiming he was acting in the heat of passion and couldn’t be expected to stop.  

"Once that gunfight is on, he’s reacting and she’s still firing.  What does the state want to happen for him to turn and run away while he has a gun pointed at him?  When she’s fired at least twice?" Lenamon asks. 

Throughout Lenamon’s presentation, Loyd was passing notes to Lenamon and at times motioning for him to come to the defense table. Loyd was telling his attorney specific things he wanted him to bring up to the jury. 

The jury was sent to deliberate at 4:10 Tuesday afternoon.  With the jury out of the room, Loyd asked for a mistrial, claiming the prosecution lied. He also complained about his attorney. 

"They think they’re intelligent. They ignore everything," Loyd said. 

"Is there something you wanted your attorneys to say?" Judge Marques asked.  "Yes," Loyd Responded.  "It’s a bunch of stuff.  It’s a bunch of stuff and no because I’m upset right now. I about can’t even talk about it," Loyd answered before cursing and slamming his hands on the table.

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