FOX 35 INVESTIGATES: A closer look at Black militant group NFAC

The Daytona Beach Police Department said early Saturday morning that a suspect in the shooting of a police officer was captured in Georgia.

When officers finally cornered Othal Wallace outside Atlanta, Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young made a point of saying where they found him. 

"The property is affiliated with an organization that calls themselves the ‘Not F-ing Around Coalition,’ or just simply known as the NFAC, which is a Black nationalist paramilitary organization," Young said.

FOX 35 News spoke with two security experts, James Copenhaver and Dave Benson, to learn more about the NFAC. They agree that it’s an African-American militant organization founded in 2017. Calling themselves "America's Black militia," the group of gun-owners aims to support and protect the African-American community from oppression and violence.

"They don't have a history of violence," Benson said. "Their leader advocates non-violence, every time someone tries to liken to a group like the Black Panthers he bristles at that."

That leader is an outspoken DJ from New York who goes by the nickname "Grandmaster Jay." "He gives himself off as protecting Black victims of police crimes but they've done some other things too that are questionable," Copenhaver said.

The group has shown up at protests like the ones in Louisville, Kentucky, and Stone Mountain, Georgia, to support Black activists there. 

"They actually shut down that mountain for an entire day and had a confrontation with the local police," Copenhaver said.

Benson said they usually try to keep from aggravating tensions with police, though, and are now likely trying to distance themselves from Wallace. 

"Whether or not he's a card-carrying member of their group or not, this behavior is counterproductive to their cause."

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