Central Florida dog rescue sees increase in abuse and neglect cases

A four-month-old puppy that was found in a dumpster Thursday morning next to a store on West Colonial Drive has died.  

Rebecca Lynch, President of Poodles and Pooch Pet Rescue says they did all they could to get that put the help he needed to save him.  

"It was all hands on deck the vet staff and our staff was prepared to do anything to treat him, initially, he was responding well to oxygen," Lynch says.  

The poodle puppy was found inside a pillowcase covered with urine and feces, shaking.  She says their vet knew it was an uphill battle for the pup, they thought they had him stabilized but he didn’t make it.  He died Thursday night.  

"It breaks our heart.  It’s devastating," Lynch says.

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Lynch says their vet discovered the dog had a punctured lung, was bleeding internally, plus he had a fractured leg and pelvis.  

"He said it was obvious that somebody beat the hell out of this dog," Lynch adds. 

In July, Poodle and Pooch helped an elderly poodle they affectionately named Petal.

 She was found abandoned with a severely beaten, her legs hog-tied with a plastic bag taped over her head.  

"To see to like this back to back in such a short period of time. You know, it just It makes you question the mental health of people because you obviously have to be a very sick individual to be able to do this," Lynch said. 

She says she’s seen an uptick in this type of animal abuse since the pandemic started as well as animals left hungry and neglected. Central Florida has seen a slue of high-profile abuse and neglect cases this year.  

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Two days ago in Brevard deputies arrested a man after they say his pest control company found two dogs so malnourished their bones were visible through their skin.  

Last week, Flagler County deputies say they found 46 neglected dogs during a drug bust.  

In July a Daytona Beach man was arrested after police say his neighbor captured a video of the man beating the dog.  Daytona had another disturbing case in March where a service dog was thrown off a 2nd story balcony.  

Lynch says it has to stop.  

"The only way that it's going to stop is if somebody is found held accountable and made an example of because these people need to know that this isn't this isn't a game and they can't get away with it," Lynch said. 

An Orange County Sheriffs Office spokesperson tells FOX 35 News they are actively investigating this latest case where the puppy was found left for dead in a pillowcase inside the dumpster.  If you have any information you can call OCSO or Crimeline at 1-800-423-TIPS.  

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