Llama killer sentenced to 6-17 months jail

A man charged with mutilating a llama on a Union County, North Carolina farm animal has been sentenced with 6-17 months behind bars.

Back in January, Clark and two others, identified as Cody Bray and James Lee, were charged with felony cruelty to animals, felony larceny, breaking and entering and trespassing -- after authorities say they mutilated a llama on a Union County farm.

Tammy Limer, the farm owner, was in court for Clark's sentencing Tuesday. Details emerged from Clark that the group had first rode the llama before cutting it in half and spreading its organs across the farm.

Part of the llama was then taken back to one of their houses where parts were eaten.

Clark, 20, admitted to being under the influence of alcohol and marijuana at the time. He will serve his jail sentence for cruelty to animals. Upon release, he will serve 18 months of supervised probation for larceny. If Clark violates his probation, he will return to jail for an additional 6-17 months.

Limer feels the sentence for Clark is just, but she still sympathizes.

"You get three young men together and they're drinking and sometimes they make stupid mistakes," Limer said. "This is going to follow him for the rest of his life."

Clark will also undergo a psychological evaluation and drug treatment. He is also ordered to pay $4,000 restitution. If the two others are convicted, costs will be split.