Leesburg man rebuilds home after storm

A family in Leesburg is rebuilding their home after a storm ripped apart their backyard.

Bruce Masters was out of town Thursday when a storm blew through his yard, dismantling the portion of his roof that covers his lanai. 

His neighbor let him know about the damage, but he did not see it for himself until this weekend. 

“It was much worse than the pictures," he said. "The pictures did not do it justice at all."

The storm blew the lanai roof all the way to Masters' front yard. 

Winds also ripped apart his screens, broke windows and tossed furniture around. 

The family is waiting for insurance to inspect the damage, but had to move metal out of the front yard just to get to their front door. 

Now, they are rebuilding with help from the community. 

“Everyone’s been really concerned. I really appreciate the local services here,” Masters said.