Learn when to schedule transmission repair

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Is Orlando transmission repair on the horizon for your car? The transmission is in integral part of your car’s performance - without it, you essentially wouldn’t be able to go anywhere! After all, it’s function is to transfer power from the engine to the wheels so you get move. If it’s having problems or needs service, you’ll need to schedule Orlando transmission repair right away to avoid bigger (and more costly) problems in the future. Toyota of Clermont has tips to help! 

Why is Orlando Toyota service for your transmission so important? 

Like we said, the transmission transfers power from the engine of your car to the wheels. It does this by transferring torque to both the front and back wheels, and also by allowing your car to shift gears and subsequently change speeds. Without it, your car isn’t able to move – period. That’s why it’s important to schedule transmission repair in Orlando if you suspect you might be having issues! 

Learn the telltale signs you need transmission repair! 

When you come in for routine Orlando auto maintenance, our techs will check your transmission during their multi-point inspection. However, you can also keep an eye on yourself for signs that you need transmission repair – here are some of the dead giveaways: 

  • One big sign that you’re in need of Orlando transmission repair is a sweet burning smell when the car is in motion or warm. You may also notice a leak – if you see a puddle of red liquid under the car, it’s most likely from your transmission!  
  • Another sign of much-needed transmission repair is problems with your gears. If your car is having trouble smoothly shifting gears or making grinding noises when it shifts, you should call our Toyota Service Center to schedule service! Another big sign with the gears is if they’re slipping – in other words, if your car shifts into a new gear but then immediately shifts back into the prior gear, you’ve got Orlando transmission repair on your horizon. 
  • Weird noises coming from under the hood are almost always a sign that auto repairs in Orlando are due, and the transmission is no exception. If you hear clunking, grinding, or whining noises, it’s time to get your car in for auto service! 
  • If your car seems like it’s almost hesitating before it shifts gears, you could need transmission repairs. If there’s an issue with this part, your car won’t be able to shift or react as quickly as it normally would! 

However, it’s easy to maintain this very important car part. Changing transmission fluid is essential (our Orlando auto service techs can take care of you) as is replacing the transmission filter! 

Need to schedule Orlando transmission repairs to get your car running like-new again? We can help! Call us today at (888) 454-1614 to make an appointment and chat with one of our techs. You can also swing by our service center – we’re open seven days a week at 16851 State Road 50! 

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