Law enforcement searching for owner after female dog, four puppies abandoned

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Lake County officials want to know who abandoned a mom dog and her four puppies outside a vet clinic on Mother’s Day.

The dogs were dropped off sometime overnight in Leesburg and discovered Sunday morning. They were left in a cage.

“Leaving dogs alone outside of a business, even when it’s a vet’s office, really isn’t appropriate,” said Lake County Animal Shelter Director Whitney Boylston.

Boylston says the mom looks to be pretty healthy, but the 3-month-old shepherd mix puppies are in bad shape.

She says they’re all underweight and suffering from a skin disease.

“This didn’t happen overnight. It can progress pretty quickly, but this is something that probably should have been treated several weeks ago,” Boylston said.

It comes just days after another tough case. Road workers in Lake County recently found an emaciated dog in a ditch. The shelter says the pit bull was likely abandoned, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Boylston says the puppies are expected to recover as well, after a few months of treatment.

“Our plan is going to be to transfer the animals out to a rescue partner so that they can continue their care and then eventually adopt them out,” she said.

Meantime, deputies are trying to track down whomever left the dogs. 

County officials say the person may have been driving a white or blue truck.

Anyone with information on the person who abandoned the dogs is asked to call 352-343-2101.