Landscaper transforms into lifesaver, pulls man from burning truck

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A Rockdale County landscaper is being called a lifesaver after he pulled a man from a burning truck.

Raul Moreno said he came across a dump truck that was on fire with the driver still inside, so he sprang into action to break the truck’s window and rescue the driver from the flames.

“The driver said, ‘Please help me, please help me,’” Moreno said.

“Without hesitation, he ran over to the truck. He had a little tool in his pocket, so he reached in and grabbed his tool out and climbed up on the truck. He started beating on the guy's driver window to break it open so the guy could get some oxygen. When he got the window open, somehow he was able to reach and grab ahold of the guy, and drag him out of the window,” said T.J. McGiboney, Moreno's boss.

Within minutes of his quick actions, the dump truck was fully engulfed in flames.

“It feels good to save someone's life,” Moreno said.

"It's not until little moments like those happen that you see who someone is. He could have easily sat back and waited for the fire trucks and for police to help," McGiboney said.

The driver of the dump truck was rushed to an area hospital. He is expected to be OK.