Lake County teacher quitting after 20 years, says teaching is a 'toxic profession'

A local teacher is sharing his frustration with the world. 

Drugs, shootings and around-the-clock testing are pushing him to the brink, and now he’s saying. “I quit!” 

Jonathan Carroll is quitting after two decades in education. 

He vented on Facebook about the toxic environment and now people around the world are reacting.

He calls teaching a “toxic profession,” saying “the truth is I will not miss what education has become. A soulless industrial education complex where admin cares more about the test scores than their faculty or students."

"I don't want to be under a microscope anymore. I want to have fun when I go to work,” Carroll said when he spoke to Fox 35 on Monday. “I know that sounds cliché, but I want to have a really good time.”

He has taught social studies and worked in administration in Lake County Schools for 20 years. 

After making the decision to quit, Carroll wrote the Facebook post as a way to reflect.

“I come home upset. I don't want that to affect my family and my future with my wife and my kids,” Carroll said.

He says his issues are not with the district, but with the politicizing of education, in general.

The district sent Fox 35 this statement: "Education has changed in many ways over the years. Some of the changes are beyond our control, particularly as funding shrinks and demands grow. But one thing that has remained consistent is this: The vast majority of educators, particularly here in Lake, are committed to this profession and are focused on doing what's best for students. And as a district, we are working hard to recruit and retain the best educators out there. We wish Mr. Carroll the best in his future endeavors."

Carroll’s future is unclear, but he’s OK with that. 

“I really want to just spend some time being a dad. I've never taken my kids to the first day of school before. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about that. That's what I'm geeking out about. I get to be a dad now.” he said.

Carroll will finish out the school year, which ends in a few weeks.