Lake commissioners approve migrant housing plan

Lake County Commissioners approved the Liner Source company’s plans to build a dormitory for workers from Central America.

The dormitory will house at least 80 workers from abroad for up to 10 months at a time. All of them have had background checks. They'll live and work on the property. If they need to leave, to go shopping for example, Liner Source will transport them.

Neighbors across the road are outraged at the project and its approval.

“We don't want it here. This is quiet, it's for country living, and that's not gonna make country living,” said Jamie Osborne.

“I don't think the commissioners represented the community one bit. They represented one business and none of the residents around this area,” said Nick Martin.

They worry the people Liner Source will fly-in on special work visas will increase traffic and crime, and bring down property values.

“We're all concerned, and we're all worried about this,” Osborne said.

Raquel Martin, vice president of Liner Source said neighbors should give the plan a chance.

“They need to understand that there's a process. The government has given us these tools to use. People need to be more open and research things before they automatically jump to conclusions.”

They plan to break ground on the dormitory in about a month and finish construction by the end of the year.