Kroger delivery in Florida: Inside Kroger's massive fulfillment center in Groveland

Kroger may not have physical grocery stores in Florida like Publix, Winn-Dixie, and Fresh Market, but they do have a massive fulfillment center that's allowing them to do on-the-demand delivery in and around Orlando.

The 375,000-square-foot building is nestled in the hills of Lake County in Groveland, Florida. 

For almost a year now, Kroger has been changing the way Floridians shop for food. Inside what they call the "hive" is a hustling-bustling conveyor belt-type operation where robots rule the aisles.

Here’s how it works:

  • Download the Kroger app or use Kroger's website to submit an online order. Kroger has some 32,000 items at competitive prices.
  • You select the items you want, pay for them ($10 delivery fee), and submit the order.

Still image from video provided by Kroger of one of its fulfillment centers.

From there, it's transferred to Kroger's fulfillment center where robots roam up and down the aisles filling hundreds of orders, which are then professionally packed into the delivery trucks. The refrigerated trucks are kept at 34 degrees and dry ice keeps frozen food, well, frozen.

Kroger delivers up to 90 minutes away from its fulfillment centers, which are located in Groveland, Tampa, and Jacksonville. Another one is anticipated to open in Miami.