'Junction' the kitten rescued from busy interstate bridge

Photo courtesy of Cameron Justin Rubin.

One kitten found itself in a treacherous place when it became trapped along Interstate 20 in Birmingham, Alabama.  Luckily, a Good Samaritan acted quickly to rescue the little critter.   

Cameron Rubin was traveling on the busy stretch of interstate through downtown and spotted the kitten on the top of a bridge near the Birmingham–Jefferson Convention Complex.  He said he jumped out and was able to stop traffic so it wouldn't get hit and then picked up the distressed animal.  

"It’s pretty dirty and needs some attention, somebody please take this kitten," Rubin wrote in a Facebook post. "I've named him Junction."

His post received lots of love from cat fans. 

"Dude this restores some faith in humanity," wrote Richard Rigsbee.

"We need more wonderful-hearted men in this world like you," wrote Carolyn Monroe. "I'm very proud of you."

There were plenty of offers for foster care and adoption, so it's very likely Junction has found a forever home.