Judge rules that there is not probable cause to hold kidnapping suspect

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The man accused of trying to kidnap a little girl at Universal Studios could soon walk out of jail.

A judge ruled that there was not enough probable cause to hold 23-year-old Jason Mikel. He is being released on his recognizance for his kidnapping charge. He was given $500 bond for his battery charge and $100 for his drug possession charge, though.

An arrest affidavit from the Orlando Police Department states that Mikel was at the locker area of the Forbidden Journey attraction on Sunday when he touched a 9-year-old on her shoulders and told her to go outside. A witness heard him tell the girl that "mommy was over here." The witness said that the victim look scared and unassociated with the male. 

The girl was able to safely return to her mother, who told police that her daughter ran to her scared and stated that someone tried to grab her. Mikel ran off from the scene but was later confronted by authorities at the Hogwarts Express attraction, the affidavit states. 

Police arrested Mikel on scene, claiming that probable cause existed to charge him with attempted kidnapping and battery. Mikel had cannabis on him. 

Mikel has reportedly been issued a trespass warning with an indefinite expiration date for all of the Universal Studios properties.