JetBlue warns passengers to arrive early

JetBlue Airlines is encouraging passengers to arrive to OIA, three hours before a flight.  They have issued the travel alert, because of construction at Orlando International Airport.

Many travelers we talked to weren't even aware of the alert, and when we told them, they weren't happy about it.

"I'm taken by surprise," said passenger Michael DelValle.

 Eleni Tiannakopolous was too and added, "Next time I should check my email."

JetBlue posted this alert on their website, warning passengers about airport construction, which includes the renovation of the trams that shuttle people from the main terminal to gates 1 to 29. Renee Gullixson says she received the alert via email.

"This is good, we got here with lots of time to spare, we've got no worries."

According to the alert, only one tram is being used on Airside 1, where JetBlue is located. They say arriving three hours prior will help, if there's any disruption in service.

Back in April, dozens of passengers from different airlines had to walk alongside a new tram on Airside 3, after it broke down several times. Many missed their flights. If there's a disruption, in the single tram service, JetBlue says it will provide a bus to take them out to the plane. Passengers with children are concerned.

One mother said, "Flying is hard enough so adding on the extra hassles would not be fun. Every time we fly it's difficult enough with four kids, having to do extra things and bus and this and that I wouldn't be thrilled about it."

An OIA spokesperson said JetBlue is the only airline alerting passengers to get there three hours early.  The airport recommends arriving two hours early.  But the airline says they'd rather have customers prepared for anything, as the airport expands.  Many weren't thrilled about the possibility of delays.

DelValle added, "I'm a little disappointed, I hope it doesn't affect us, especially because I have a daughter who's autistic."

Tiannakopolous said, "I have to wake up extra early. It's a little annoying, but it's construction and I deal with it a lot so you get used to it."

OIA says the renovation to the tram system that Jetblue and 14 other airlines use, will be finished by the end of the year.