Orlando neighborhood complains of constant gunfire: 'It’s just been ridiculous'

People in an Orlando neighborhood are speaking out after they say people have been driving through firing guns.

A home security camera caught a silver sedan driving on Good Homes Road before you hear the sound of nine gunshots.

A still frame shows someone holding a gun out the window.

That was taken on a Sunday morning earlier this month, neighbors say the shooter came back later that afternoon to fire even more shots.

"People are out here fishing and walking their dogs and hiking around the lake and anybody can get hurt, including the wildlife," said Sabrina Tiedemann, who lives in the neighborhood.

Neighbors believe that same car has been there at least three times this month.

They say they've heard gunshots as many as nine times just in March.

Even more concerning for some members of the community, they say they're homes have been shot before.

Tiedemann's house still has marks from a shotgun blast from a few years ago.

"It was about two inches from hitting a window," Tiedemann said. "I had single pane windows at the time, and had I stopped for even five seconds I would have likely been shot dead."

"This last month has been out of sight," said George Tiedemann. "I mean it’s just been ridiculous."

Some neighbors have reported the shootings to the Orange County Sheriff's Office several times, but say not enough has been done.

The sheriff's office tells FOX 35 deputies searched the area last time and didn't find any damage, but added that deputies patrol the area and are still investigating.

"We know what the car is, we know what the tag is," George Tiedemann said.

Some have been conducting their own investigation and think they know who the person is.

But they worry it will take a tragedy to happen before anything gets done.

"That’s what it’s going to take, is for either wildlife to be shot, a person to be shot, property damage, then it becomes a felony," Tiedemann said.

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