Investigation into death of special needs student

Osceola County sheriff's detectives are trying to determine how, when and where a Tohopekaliga High School special needs student died.

The 18-year-old's parents called 911 the second they saw him being wheeled off the school bus.  Doctors declared the teenager dead at the hospital.

"As he was coming off the bus, family saw that he was unresponsive," explained Major Jacob Ruiz.  "When EMS got there...the vitals were either not there or very low.

The child's family said the boy was not verbal and would have been unable to manipulate his wheelchair on his own. According to Osceola County Public Schools, 10 students ride that particular special needs bus.  Aside from the bus driver and the bus aide, they are not saying how many other students were on the bus at the time this student was dropped off at his home.

The boy's house is approximately six miles from the school and typically a 15-minute direct drive, but it's unclear how many stops were made.

"It's an active investigation. Our detectives are trying to determine when...the child lost consciousness, or became unresponsive or perhaps passed away," Ruiz said.  "So we're meeting with school officials and transportation to determine that."

Detectives are talking to everyone who had contact with the child on Tuesday.  

“Detectives went to the school today [Wednesday], spoke with teachers and staff members there and it appears that yes he was his normal self at school,” said Ruiz.

Investigators are making it clear that they do not suspect foul play in this case.