Innocent man sits in jail cell

The Flagler County Sheriff's Office says it's making changes after a 79-year-old man spent six hours in jail, despite doing nothing wrong.

"I got a call on the phone," explained Alphonso Perry, who said someone pretending to be from the IRS called him and wanted $4,000.  "If I didn't pay them they were gonna come have me arrested."

To avoid an arrest, this senior citizen decided to go to the jail and turn himself in. Deputies said he spent two hours in the lobby and four hours in a holding cell. 

"Took my shoes off and took some pictures of me but didn't take my fingerprints. They never said I was under arrest," he said.

Hours later, he said deputies realized he didn't belong there.

"The said you ain't got no charge, you can't stay here, so you gotta go home It made me feel bad, because when I gave them my i-d they should have did what they had to do then, let me go."

"We're certainly sorry for any inconvenience, but hopefully brought something to light that won't happen in the future."

Flagler County Under Sheriff Jack Bisland says Alphonso shouldn't have stayed in jail so long.

"We've identified where the misstep occurred and since then, put protocols in place to ensure that anybody turning themselves in is immediately verified."

They feel bad for Alphonso and confirm, the original call was a telephone scam.

"An unfortunate case. A gentleman with a good heart, trying to do the right thing, obviously fell victim to people preying on him."

Alphonso's glad to be home.

"They pulled me out of the cell and told me I didn't have any charges."

Alphonso says next time he gets a suspicious call he plans to hang up.