Hundreds attend vigil for Apopka firefighter Austin Duran

Hundreds of firefighters and other members of the Apopka community carried candles at a vigil for Austin Duran, who passed away on Friday.

Everyone at the vigil, across the street from Apoka Fire Station 1, placed a rose at a memorial to Austin, right by where the accident happened.

In June, Duran was badly hurt when a trailer weighing thousands of pounds fell on him.

After a long stay in the hospital with several surgeries, Duran passed away.

He was just 25 years old and had only been working for the department about two years.

"It’s a tragic loss, we’re hurt, and we’re suffering, we’re going through it, but from the community, we saw a lot of support from the community," said Kyle Lampp, the vice president of the Apopka Fire Department Union. "It’s been very helpful for them to come together and see that they have our back."

Some of Duran's family member's attended the vigil, but did not speak to the crowd.

"They’re doing the best they can given the circumstance, but our support for them as well as the community’s support for them helping them get through this as well," Lampp said.

There will be a procession and a funeral service for Duran on Saturday.