Hula Bowl honors slain UCF player

As players take the field at this year's Hula Bowl, there will be another man's presence at the UCF stadium that's not on the field. Instead, he'll in the hearts of his fans. 

Former UCF running back Otis Anderson, Jr. is that man.

"They wanted to do something for Otis, I've wanted to do something for Otis, and 50% of the proceeds going to Aunty Dee, so that was really cool of them," said McKenzie Milton, former UCF quarterback. 

He says half of the ticket proceeds will be given to Anderson’s mother, a move that fans are cheering.

I think it's a great idea. Anything we can do to help out a Knight is awesome," said UCF fan Kim Young.

Investigators say Anderson’s own father — Otis Anderson, Sr. — shot him during a heated argument this past November at his home in Jacksonville. 

The elder Anderson has pleaded not guilty to killing his son. 

Milton says the UCF family is there for Anderson’s family. 

"Having me be able to play in a game and them doing that for Otis, that's special," Milton said.

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