How each Central Florida county will keep kids safe while riding school buses

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Schools are returning in the fall and for some students, they will be traveling on a school bus to learn in-person daily. 

Several Central Florida school districts have released their plans for keeping kids safe from COVID-19 while on the bus. 


The Orange County school district says that busing will be available for students within two-miles or more of the school or as required on a student's IEP. However, parents are encouraged to transport children to and from school in personal vehicles.

At bus stops, they said that students should be socially distant from each other.

While on the bus, a face covering will reportedly be required for students, drivers, and monitors. Disposable masks will be provided for any student without one. Seats will be assigned. Bus windows and vents will be open as well. 

Buses will be sanitized twice a day, the school district added.


The Seminole County school district says that a student registration system will be established to identify potential ridership and allow for the development of assigned seating.

As students enter the bus, they said that touchless sanitizer dispensers will be available for students. While on the bus, students, drivers, and monitors are reportedly required to wear face coverings. Doors and windows will be kept open if weather permits. 

In addition, the school district said that transportation vehicles will be cleaned and disinfected regularly throughout the school day. Touchpoint surfaces, like seats, buckles, doors, and windows will be cleaned and disinfected throughout the vehicles prior to the morning and afternoon routes. Then, each night, trained employees will deep clean the buses. They will also be misted with disinfectant, including the AC cents. 

Please note that the district says that if a student gets sick during the day, they will not use group transportation to return home. If a driver gets sick, they will not return to drive students.


The Brevard County school district says that children must social distance at bus stops.

Upon entering and exiting the bus, they said that students must use hand sanitizer. While on the bus, masks must be worn unless the student has documented medical or sensory conditions that would be adversely impacted by a mask. Students will also be given an assigned seat that they must sit in. Those who share a household will be seated together. Appropriate distance should be allowed. If weather permits, bus windows will be open.

Between routes, seats will be reportedly wiped down. 


The Volusia County school district says that busing will be available for students within two-miles or more of the school or as required on a student's IEP. Those uncomfortable with having their child on the bus are encouraged to transport them themselves. 

While at the bus stop, they said that students must social distance and use face coverings.

Face coverings are reportedly also required while riding the bus. Bus drivers will also wear personal protective equipment and can provide students with a disposable mask if they do not have one. The bus will have open windows and vents to increase airflow.  Only two students are permitted per seat and they will have assigned seating.


The Osceola County school district encourages parents to check their child's temperature before heading to the bus stop. It should be at 100.4 degrees. Please also ensure that the child is not experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.

When at the bus stop, they said that students must wear their masks and social distance from each other. 

Then, when they board the bus, the school district says they must use hand sanitizer. Only two students will be allowed in each seat of the bus and masks will be required for the entire trip. Students are encouraged to space apart as the seat allows. 

Buses will reportedly be cleaned and disinfected between morning and afternoon runs and also every night to prepare for the following day.


The Polk County school district students must use the hand sanitizing station at the entrance of the bus when entering and exiting.

They said that everyone on the bus must wear a mask, especially as they said social distancing is not promised. Bus drivers will also wear gloves. If weather permits, the windows will be open. Only two students are allowed per seat. Seats will be assigned.  

The buses will reportedly be cleaned multiple times a day.


The Marion County school district said that students on buses must social distance. They will be assigned seating based on their route. Face masks are recommended if social distancing is not possible.

In addition, they said that frequently touched surfaces on school buses will be cleaned and disinfected. The school buses themselves also will be.


The Lake County school district says that bus drivers and students must wear a face covering or shield. 

During the ride, they said that bus windows will be cracked.

Buses will reportedly be disinfected thoroughly daily and high-touch areas will be cleaned between routes.


The Flagler County school district says that employee temperature checks will be performed daily and that masks and gloves are required for all employees. 

They said that students in grades 3 and up must also wear masks. They will be provided when needed. Hand sanitizer will also be available on each bus.

The buses will reportedly be disinfected between morning and afternoon runs every day. Sanitary wipes will be on each bus for cleaning purposes during routes. Four times a year, deep cleanings will take place. Additional disinfecting will take place when needed. 

If a bus driver or student tests positive for COVID-19, the school district says that the bus will be pulled from service for three days to be deep cleaned and disinfected.

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